MFI® Lightweight Halsedisse - Black

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Product Information
This ANON MFI lightweight neck heater protects your face and neck from wind, sun, and cold with a revolutionary magnetic connection that seals the face panel for any MFI-compatible Anonmen's and children's goggles. The lightweight fabric provides the perfect amount of warmth and breathability in cool and mild conditions. The ventilation panel at the mouth ensures that the glasses do not dud. The magnets in the neck heater can also be easily removed for machine washing, or if you choose to wear it with goggles that do not have MFI magnets.

- Lightweight material
- Compatible with all men's (except M4) and youth MFI goggles
- Laser perforated ventilation
- Relaxed fit
- Machine washable

Anon's Story
Anon, Burton's sub-company, is dedicated to goggles, helmets, and specified clothing. Anon's quality glasses are all about protecting your eyes and keeping your vision clear, so you can easily spot obstacles and see where you're going on the mountain. The winter glasses are high-quality products that are durable and reliable, so you can keep an eye on your target at all times. Whereas their clothes focus on style and creativity.

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  • Brand: Anon
  • Årgang: 2022-23
  • Køn: Dame, Herre
  • Materiale: Tech