Magic Ride LXT 2021

Varenummer 211058LXT
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Product Information
Since its inception, this line has been a magical mix of lightness, stability, and performance. While the first version focused on ease, the second generation proved livelier and agile. The shape adjustments of the current third-generation have significantly improved control at speed and in the cut. These boards run smoother and lift themselves more easily from the water than many other boards. On the water, the board surprises with a sporty and energetic character that is incredibly easy to handle. The magic of these boards pushes performance and fun to the next level.

- Increased bottom V for better control and more comfort
- Foil-Powerbox; in combination with NP Glide Wind foil one of the easiest setups to start foiling
- Satellite rails
- Foot harness with scale for easy adjustment to magnification
- 159 is longer than the other sizes and very stable, making it the perfect board for anyone stepping down from a beginner's board with daggerboards.

JP's Story
JP is named after Jason Polakow of Australia, the former world surfing champion and now head of JP Australia. JP products are developed in his spirit, to achieve a first-class response and quality products. JP Australia has an exciting selection of windsurf boards, SUP boards, fins, and accessories for your water sports adventure.

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  • Brand: JP Australia
  • Årgang: 2021