iSonic Carbon Reflex

Varenummer 1008210301-CR
20,999.00 DKK

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Product Information
If you are in search of speed and versatility there is a great chance for that iconic carbon reflex board from 2021 just is for you! The board here is made with amazing precision, with a lot of grip at the fore-end, which makes it possible to capture more water and thereby increase speed and control. The board is among Starboard's flagship race models and has won two World Cup titles. The board is Matteo Lachino's secret weapon against strong winds, so why shouldn't it be yours too?

About construction
The board here comes with a carbon construction that offers ultralightweight using more environmentally friendly materials. The bottom is built in full T700 one-way carbon for maximum stability, while the deck is made of 60% carbon, alternating between one-way and two-way carbon layers that ultimately provide an optimized flex. All of which, so you can get off strongly without losing control.

Starboard's History
Starboard was founded in 1994 by Svein Rasmussen, a world champion in windsurfing and Olympic athlete. Together with customers and partners, Starboard shows interest at every level to protect the fragility of our oceans while producing the best water sports equipment for professionals and novices, supported by endless world titles and product prices. The Tiki brand with roots in New Caledonia, Norway and Thailand remains the leading brand in windsurfing and paddle boarding and has been for almost 2 decades.

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  • Brand: Starboard
  • Årgang: 2021S
  • Windsurfboard kategori: Freeride