Elements Hdt Tinder-D8 6'4" Blue FTU - Surfboard 2024

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Produkt detaljer

Designet af Marcie O'Neill, er Tinder-D8 det perfekte match hvis du kigger efter et high-performance allround shortboard, der kan bruges under alle forhold.
Der medfølger 3x MFC finner

Bottom: Concave to Double
Ideal Waves: All Conditions
Level: Intermediate-Expert

The Elements Tinder-D8, in a rounded square tail with quad fin set-up, a single concave from the midsection through to a double out the fins, combined with a flatter rocker, gets you down the line fast, keeps you in the pocket and enhances your maneuvers.

The CSE version is the more premium model available in the Tinder-D8 range, coming in nine different sizes, ranging from 5’6″ right up to 6’10”.

The 20g Secure cell EPS core is laminated with full 600g (21oz) Fiberglass and 350g (12oz) unidirectional fiberglass stringer for extra strength on the deck, while 400g (14oz) + 200g (7oz) fin patch is added on the bottom. With the durable gel coat skin and the hand-polished rails, the Elements is NSP’s more durable construction, with unchanging performance over decades.

Længde Bredde Tykkelse Volumen Vægt (+/- 5%)
5'10" 19 ⁵/⁸" 2 ³/⁸" 29.9 Liters 2.29 Kg
6'0" 20 ¹/²" 2 ⁷/¹⁶" 33.3 Liters 2.48 Kg
6'2" 20 ³/⁴" 2 ⁹/¹⁶" 36.7 Liters 2.75 Kg
6'4" 21" 2 ¹¹/¹⁶" 38.3 Liters 2.84 Kg
6'6" 21 ³/⁸" 2 ¹³/¹⁶" 42.2 Liters 3.06 Kg



  • Brand: NSP
  • Årgang: 2024
  • Surfboard type: Shortboard
  • Board Volume: 35-39L