ABS Vario Base Unit

Varenummer VBU2205SCSL-BLACK
2,699.00 DKK 3,599.00 DKK

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Product Information
This avalanche backpack is for you to go places at risk of avalanche. The backpack is specially designed with two inflatable parts, both of which blow up and let you float on top of the snow in case of an accident. Also, it comes in beautiful colors, with a design that makes it light and comfortable on the back, so you almost forget it's there when you don't need it. Due to the large size, you can easily bring other safety equipment, so you are 100% ready for the deep powder.

- The bag is delivered without an activation device
- Comes with an 8-liter bag cover
- TwinBags come with a buoyancy volume of 170 liters
- The ergonomic hip belt ensures a tight and comfortable fit
- Height adjustable chest belt
- Ergonomically shaped shoulder straps

ABS History
Abs started when Josef Hohenester accidentally pulled a loose piece of fabric from his backpack as he experienced a minor avalanche. Here he saw that the backpack was now holding him on top of the snow and he immediately started investigating the phenomenon. Fast forward 50 years, ABS is one of the most recognized brands in safety equipment and you certainly won't be disappointed with their products, all of which go through a massive series of tests before reaching the consumer.

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  • Brand: ABS
  • Årgang: 2021-22